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The client will get unlimited roadside service for their cars such as towing, tire spare change, keys inside the car, and recharge battery. This service is being provided through the application where the client is able to locate his address on the map and then request the service. The subscription is for one year and you get the unlimited services during the years without additional cost.

How it works?


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Roadside Assistance


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Our Services


The service of towing the vehicle that is broken on the road is mechanical failure or electrical failure (accidents are not included).

Tire Replacement

: Help replace the spare tire, in case of the availability if spare tire.

Basic Inspection

Urgent mechanical service that can be fixed on the road (assistance in case of emergency failure).

Fuel Delivery

Help deliver fuel in case of out of it.

Recharging Battery

Service the battery when it needs charging or its inability to perform.

Open locked car

In case the key has been lost, we will be able to open your car.

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